For home training

Champions Ladder has taken home cardio training to another level. Thanks to 3D REAL and 3D LIVE MOTION technologies, users can join Live Streaming or VOD training thanks to which they can see and hear the trainer, who remotely controls the movement and speed of their devices. THIS IS A REAL REVOLUTION IN TRAINING! Users can also choose one of the training goals at any time and climb the most famous and highest mountains, volcanoes and buildings or work out by watching videos from the most popular streaming services on the display screen, which are available in the device’s application.

For fitness clubs

Champions Ladder is used in hundreds of fitness clubs around the world. The possibility of short but intensive training makes these devices ideal for club members who do not have a lot of time to stay at the club but want to achieve visible effects. In addition, users can choose from dozens of training goals on the device’s screen and climb the highest and most famous mountains, volcanoes and buildings or during training simply watch a movie on Youtube, Netflix, HBO MAX or AMAZON PRIME. Users can also connect to one of the Live Streaming or VOD training sessions and work out in a larger group.

For group exercises

Champions Ladder is the only group exercise device which can be controlled by the trainer. It is the trainer who sets the movement and speed of the entire group’s devices by setting everything in their mobile app. The group’s statistics are displayed on a display screen or on the wall of the club using a projector. The group can also join a global Live Streaming training or compete with each other, first setting a common climbing goal for the group. The most famous and highest mountains, volcanoes and buildings are available.

For weight loss centers

Training on the Champions Ladder is recommended by personal trainers and dieticians around the world. Several studies and tests have shown that Champions Ladder exercises accelerate the burning of calories and body fat. Thanks to training on the Champions Ladder, you’ll burn fat and reduce your weight, and your metabolic rate will be higher even for a few hours after your workout.

For mountain climbing

The Champions Ladder is a great device for all those who love the mountains –regardless of whether you are climbing as an amateur or as a professional. Training on the Champions Ladder makes it much easier for you to overcome the difficulties that you will encounter in the mountains, and you will also build endurance for long mountain treks. Professional climbers around the world cannot imagine preparing for their expeditions without training on the Champions Ladder.

For Olympic climbing

Sports climbing will debut at the Summer Olympics in 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. There will be two events – one for men and one for women. The event will consist of three disciplines: lead climbing, speed climbing and bouldering. The winner of the event will be the athlete who performs best in these three disciplines. Climbers who are going to participate in Tokyo and have a chance to win medals are basing their intense preparations using Champions Ladder.

For professional athletes and sports clubs

Olympic champions, the best football clubs in the world, as well as NBA, NHL and NFL teams share one common element – most of them use the Champions Ladder in their training sessions. The reason is simple – no cardio device is more effective in building aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

For functional training and personal training

The Champions Ladder is an essential device for every area of functional and personal training. It is the only cardio device in the world which enables to perform a versatile and effective Full Body Workout in a very short time. Users can choose one of 66 described exercises or create new exercises. In addition, Champions Ladder works very well as a circuit training device.

For CrossFit

Champions Ladder is an ideal solution for CrossFit workouts. Athletes use Champions Ladder both in daily WOD training and for warming up before weightlifting.

For schools and universities

Climbing treadmills are also often used by students of universities around the world. Champions Ladder is the only climbing treadmill suitable for users with a very low body weight (from ~70lb/~30kg). This means that it can be used even by children in primary schools. Climbing treadmills are also often used by students of universities around the world.

For rehabilitation

Champions Ladder is ideally suited for rehabilitation purposes. Tilting the device at an angle of 40 degrees allows to relieve the spine and joints. In addition, in the Artificial Intelligence mode, the device understands and predicts the user’s behavior, thanks to which the entire training is comfortable and safe.

For uniformed services

The Champions Ladder is used by thousands of soldiers, policemen and firemen every day. There is no other cardio device in the world which provides such an effective endurance training for people who risk their lives to ensure the safety of their communities. The Champions Ladder also enables versatile fitness training, which is essential for the most demanding tasks of uniformed services.