In 2014, the founders of the company Champions Cardio came up with the idea of creating ecosystems of training products that will revolutionize cardio training around the world. We were determined to use the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and Live Streaming.

To achieve such ambitious goals, we needed a large team consisting of people with experience not just from the sports industry, which still designed products according to 20th century standards. For this purpose, we brought together over 50 people, consisting of experts from the automotive, aviation and new technologies industries. The common factor was everyone’s love for sports.

After long consultations, we selected Champions Ladder as our first product. Our pace of life is becoming increasingly faster and people are focused on achievements, therefore users require from the cardio products which in 10 minutes can give the effect of spending an hour cycling or running on the treadmill.


Imagine a situation in which thousands of users from all over the world join a Live Streaming training session run by a coach in a studio in Los Angeles, and the speed and time are controlled in real-time by the trainer. This is our CONCEPT.


The goal of our team was to create an ecosystem of cardio products that will revolutionize training around the world through the use of the latest technological advancements. In order to do this, we decided that the most important goal is the ability to influence users around the world during 3D Live Streaming and 3D VOD transmissions.

Of course, whenever solutions appear which can change the status quo, the sports industry always says that this cannot be done. However, in such cases it is best to gather experts from other industries who do not know that it can’t be done.


We have always focused on taking advantage of the most advanced technologies and using high-quality machinery. We have two factories – one specializing in the machining of black steel, and the other specializing in the machining of stainless steel and wooden elements.

All solutions used in our products have been developed thanks to the talent, experience and skills of our team.

A significant competitive advantage is that 95% of all components are made in our factories and we are virtually completely independent from external suppliers.