The Pearl by ”Skyscraper"







Hong kong


3 500

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The fictional Hong Kong skyscraper The Pearl appeared in the 2018 movie “Skyscraper”. It has 3.500 ft (1,066.8m), 240 stories tall. When it was built, the building would be the tallest building in the world, exceed the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Jeddah Tower in Jeddah.

Rising 240 stories above Hong Kong, the building features a spherical glass observation deck at the top-that’s where the name The Pearl comes from. Between floors 200 and 230 is a giant wind turbine located within the building, generating its own power and making it a green skyscraper. Adding to its greenness is a giant, 30-story botanical garden located on the 100th floor. There’s also an Olympic- sized swimming pool, gyms, basketball courts, a driving range, a movie theater, and a six story shopping mall – in addition to luxury apartments and hotels.