Technological period on which the device's technology is based

1993 - 1995

2017 - 2020

Device's capability to upgrade to the latest technological trends

Lack of capability for such upgrades - the device does not include an advanced motherboard that would allow for expansion with new modules.

Full capability to configure and update the device to new standards - the device's motherboard can be expanded and enhanced with new funconalies.


No screen available - the device only features 5 small LED displays.

Advanced 22-inch touchscreen display.

Screen funcons

No funcons except for displaying 5 training parameters.

Full configurability of the screen.

System updates

No possibility for system updates.

Full capability to update the system through internet-based updates or by installing updated soware on a memory card.

Ability to display training programs

No ability to display training programs.

Full and unlimited ability to display training programs - whether through standard challenges such as buildings/mountains/volcanoes, video-on-demand challenges, or eventually, in the near future, through Live Streaming challenges where users worldwide can connect in real- me for a collecve training session.

Training modes

Only one training mode is available, which requires the user to wear a hip belt. No speed or resistance control is possible.

Three training modes available - one with a hip belt and two modes (speed and resistance) controlled by buons on the device's handles - these modes do not require a hip belt.

Number of exercises possible to perform on the device

Maximum of 10.

Up to a maximum of 70 exercises.

Ability to play sound

Not available.

Full capability.

Ability to communicate with other users LIVE

Not available.

The funcon will be included in the 2024 update, along with Live Streaming training sessions.

Connecon with a mobile applicaon

Not available.

Full capability for connecon and automac result tracking, either through QR code scanning or automac synchronizaon.

Material of the device's casing


High-quality polished stainless steel.

Material of the device's steps

Wood - maple.

Wood - ash - approximately 25% harder than maple.

Coang on wooden steps

Painted with standard wood paint.

Coated with a special finish by Bona - the same coang used on Olympic Games' floors and approved by both the IOC and FIBA.