How much do Champions Ladder and Champions Stair cost?

To receive the product prices, send us a question in the form in the BUY NOW section.

Note that prices will differ in many countries, which is mainly related to the cost of transportation and the demand in the region.

Our distributors margins also vary, but we make every effort to keep prices reasonable and accessible to all in every country in the world. In the CONTACT section, you can also find the email address of the distributor in your country or your region.

Where is Champions Ladder manufactured?

The device was designed in the USA. The drive motor of the machine is also produced in the USA. Electronic components of the device are produced in South Korea and in the United Kingdom. All parts are assembled in Poland.

What is the difference between Champions Ladder and other treadmill ladders?

The difference is enormous. Competing products have virtually no electronics or connection with applications.

They were designed more than twenty years ago. Champions Ladder is a design from the beginning of 2015, so it uses all the latest technologies.

Champions Ladder has a Samsung screen with an application to monitor performance. The user can then download the application on his or her smartphone in order to store results.

There is also a very large difference in the production quality of our product. Because it is manufactured by a company from the automotive sector, Champions Ladder consists of the highest quality components and is prepared for many years of trouble-free operation.

In which aspects of training do treadmill ladder devices help?

The ladder mainly helps in improving endurance. The ladder is used in training by the world's best football, basketball and hockey players, as well as runners. One of our latest customers is Manchester United, who bought the ladder for players to quickly return to form after injury. We also cannot forget about its exceptional capabilities of calorie burning and reducing weight. The possibilities here are also unlimited.

When will I receive the ladder if I buy it?

The delivery date is dependent on several factors. The most important ones are the delivery address and the possibilities of shipment to your region. Our company is ready to dispatch the equipment within 10 to 20 days - the rest is transport time.

What is the warranty for Champions Ladder?

Champions ladder has a 4-year warranty on all parts. In the event of any malfunction, please fill out the form below, and we will immediately send to your address the necessary parts needed for repair.

Why should the belt be fastened?

Fastening the belt is a necessary action to start the device. If the belt is not fastened, you can climb to the top of the ladder.

However, the rungs will not move then, because the brake will be applied. Only fastening the belt and pulling the cable releases the brake, allowing the system of the device to start.

Can the tilt angle of the Champions Ladder be adjusted?

No. The angle of inclination is 40 degrees. This angle allows for the completely secure positioning of the spine and joints during exercise. This angle makes Champions Ladder a device that is completely safe for your health. That is why many of our customers are rehabilitation centres.