The Champions Ladder is a multifunctional treadmill, which is the most effective cardio device, taking into account burning calories and building aerobic and anaerobic endurance. 

Champions Ladder is designed for all those who love sports, climbing and leading a healthy lifestyle - regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur. 

During the training, users can choose training goals such as mountains, volcanoes, buildings or join group training in the gym or via the iChampion platform using 3D Live Streaming and 3D VOD. 

The advantage of the Champions Ladder training is the ease of use that has been achieved through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is unique among all cardio devices. 


Full Body Workout - the only cardio device in the world on which you can perform a multifunctional workout involving all the muscles of your body. 

66 Exercises - a huge number of training options with varying degrees of difficulty - you can choose from a range of 66 exercises or be creative and come up with new ones. 

Amazing Cardio Session - the most effective calorie burning from all cardio devices - you burn 250% more calories than on a treadmill. 

Strength & Conditioning - you will not only improve muscle strength, but also agility, plyometrics, speed, power and endurance.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) - HIIT involves fat loss, reducing weight and waist circumference, and your metabolic rate will be higher for many hours after the workout.

Warm-Up - you can effectively warm up your muscles and joints to safely prepare your body for the rest of your training.



Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - an analysis of your movement to personalize your training - in Artificial Intelligence mode, you will feel that the device understands you and adapts to your training.

Mountains & Volcanoes & Buildings & Popular - climb mountains, volcanoes and buildings of varying difficulty - from Leaning Tower of Pisa with a height of 183 feet to Mount Everest with a height of 29035 feet

iChampion - a unique training platform with comprehensive solutions for your physical activity. The iChampion platform is the only 3D system in the world in which, in addition to image and sound, there is also the third dimension - speed adjustment and real-time control performed by the trainer. This is a real revolution!

Live Streaming - live training at specific times and conducted from several different locations around the world.

VOD - a collection of recorded workouts that you can join at any time - from home, work, your hotel or a fitness club. 








Group Exercises - combine several devices in the facility and create group classes.

Competition - promote competition, both individual and team.

Main Screen - display training statistics on the external screen or on the wall of the gym by using a projector. 

Challenges (Mountains & Volcanoes & Buildings & Popular) - you can choose from dozens of presets or create your own - e.g. from your area.



Training on the Champions Ladder is recommended by personal trainers and dieticians around the world. Several studies and tests have shown that Champions Ladder exercises accelerate the burning of calories and body fat.

Thanks to training on the Champions Ladder, you'll burn fat and reduce your weight, and your metabolic rate will be higher even for a few hours after your workout.

The chart below compares the burning of calories on the Champions Ladder with various activities and exercises.




1) Purchase the Champions Ladder devices (2 or more).

2) In the order form, specify the size of the OFFICIAL CLIMBING TRAINING CENTER by CHAMPIONS LADDER stainless steel sign that you would like to receive from us. 

3) After receiving the device and the sign, hang it in a visible place in front of your fitness club.

4) Once you join the program, you will receive a monthly newsletter from us about our new training systems and system updates with new functions. In addition, based on information from clubs around the world, you will receive sales and marketing information that will help you to significantly increase your number of club members. 



1) ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MODE - our patented system in which the device analyzes your movement in real-time and adapts to you.

How it works?

The principle is simple: you want to go faster - accelerate, you want to go slower - slow down, you want to stop - just stop. It's that easy.


2) ENGINE MODE - a system in which you set the speed of the device and adapt to it

How it works?

Get on the device and set the speed using the buttons on the handrails of the device - the button on the right handrail increases the speed, and the button in the left handrail decreases the speed. Additionally, pressing the two buttons simultaneously causes the device to slowly stop.


3) 3D MODE - the only system in the world in which the trainer takes control of your device in group training in the club or during 3D LIVE STREAMING or 3D VOD training using the iChampion app.

How it works?

Get on the device and control its speed, until you are ready for the trainer to take over. If you are ready, simultaneously press the two buttons on the handrails of the device and hold them for 3 seconds.



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