Champions Ladder LLC is an investment of one of the largest investment funds in the United States.  The first decision was to create a consortium of companies, which together would support the project, on the one hand with their many years of experience in sports and fitness, and on the other hand with the latest technologies - never before used in the fitness industry. A company from the automotive industry was chosen as the main contractor for this innovative project, and it was decided that automotive technology would be used in the mass production of the device. Samsung Electronics was responsible for the electronic components, it provided a screen of quality that had not been used previously in products in the industry. The American company Polar also became a partner of the device. Such a combination of companies and their experience resulted in the creation of the perfect cardio product.

     Champions Ladder is an innovative treadmill, which is also the most efficient cardio device in terms of burning calories and building aerobic and anaerobic endurance. It is intended for all lovers of sport and a healthy lifestyle, regardless of whether they are amateur or professional athletes. Its unique design sets the user at an angle of 40° in order to relieve the lower back and joints.

     An integral part of the project is a unique bonus system for users, with an unprecedented in the fitness industry prize pool. 

     Champions Ladder is not just a fitness device. It is also an application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, which allows users to monitor progress and participate in many motivating competitions with awards.